Factors Influencing Public Theology

There is a need to continually speak for Christ. Despite the fact that this is universally seen as a need, it is still faced with huge problems. Some of the problems will become evident as you read this article to the end.

First, the British and Evangelical church occasions the first problem. This is because of lack of devoting needful attention to the construction of public theology. Indeed, there are multitudes of churches that will condemn any public engagements, terming them as non-biblical. Unfortunately, this view is in itself not biblical. It doesn't represent the truth of the gospel in totality. It is so worrying that many churches will not want to have anything to do with public life since to them, it is sinful.
A major reason for this failure is the lack of a proper rationale for such engagement. This task has been left to a few courageous church organizations. Unfortunately, the situation may not change unless there is a paradigm shift. As much as this may be worrying, it is the truth. Click here to learn about the reformed conservative.

In the US, the situation is slightly better. However, this is not to say that it is anywhere near where it should be.
There are a danger people making oversimplified responses to ethical issues. The fact that there is no clear public-theological framework endangers the entire thing. Each passing day sees a complexity of the issues and there is, therefore, a need for a theological base. This is an issue that requires more than a mere yes/no response. A case in point is the end of life challenges that will require more than the yes/no approach. Other complex issues are divorce and capital punishment. Actually, this type of approach is commonly referred to as the Wikipedia-level simplicity.

Many times, Christians will be alerted of specific issues when there are proposed changes to the law. The perplexing thing is that the Christians may fail to understand that these changes have been on the offing for many years on a row. Since the 1960s, the Christians lost the battle for same-sex marriage, although they normally think that the battle was lost in March 2013. There were consistent issues which were largely ignored by Christians since that time that challenged the Christian framework that existed in law. The failure by Christians to participate in public engagements to guard their faith led to the allowing of same-sex marriage since March 2013. Check for more info on this site.

It is needful to understand that the situation will be effectively addressed if the Christians give themselves more to worshipping God and also shout when it is needful.

Click on this link for more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_conservatism.